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"At MBB Farming accessories we offer a range of affordable and durable Farm Tractors from both Massey Ferguson and Kubota, Farm Tractor parts, Massey Ferguson Combines, MF Planters, Material Handling Equipment from Manitoe, Kubota Lawn tractors, Lawn tractor attachments, Lawn Tractor tyres, Water Purifying systems, Packaging equipment, Tools, Spares and Services to the farming community in South Africa."


Do not place my link on a page that has or will have more than 25 links.

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I do not accept directories as a source for my link unless it is one amazing directory.

I also do not place links without actually seeing my link on your page first. If you give a great link, you will get a great link. In this life, you get what you give...

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Farming Equipment

Farming Lifestyle Visit our Simple Life at Blackberry Blossom Farm and Campground, How we garden organically, native Appalachian plants, Tent camping, homeschooling, Mountain crafts, Homesteading and more.

Country Living and Farm Lifestyles - Your Gateway to Rural Dreams! This is a site for those who enjoy homesteading, rural living and generally living the country life. Find quick & easy country recipes, farming jobs, country cottages, decor & rural services and much more. Support your local farmer.


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