Require Precision planting

for maximum profit?

Use the MF555-planter

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You can depend on a Massey-Ferguson-planter to make a profitable differenceto your operations as it is designed to meet the challenges of modern agriculture and capable of handling the full spectrum of tillage practices from conventional through to the latest conservation techniques.

For the professional, a top-performing planter is the crucial tool underpinning the whole crop production process. Whether you are planning to strengthen the basics of a conventional tillage operation or seeding land with a no-till program, a Massey Ferguson 555 planter will make an immediate impact on your business.

Successful planting depends on accuracy, precision and uniformity of seed placement. Everything about the MF555-planter is designed and built to fulfill these objectives and get your high yield harvest off to a flying start giving you higher yields meaning bigger profits for you.

The MF555 planter will give you the following benefits:


Unequalled planting accuracy and gentle seed handling is achieved through the proven Positive Air Metering - PAM™.


With 11 models to choose from and an extensive range of attachments you can customize the MF555 planter to suit your conditions precisely.

No fuss operation

The MF555 planter is designed for easy day-to-day operation. With low maintenance components, downtime is minimized.

Strong construction for long machine life

At the heart of both the rigid frame and vertical fold models is a 178 cm x 178 cm main frame which provides integral stability to the row units. A welded drawbar adds further strength and rigidity.

Vertical fold for convenient transport and storage

MF555 vertical fold planters are available in popular 8- and 12-row configurations and come with a special frame design that permits quick hydraulic folding for easier transport.

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MF 555 - the precision planter

The MF555 consist of the following 12 main units:

MF555 wheelunit
Click here to read the MF555 Technical Specification PDF in your browser

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