Massey-Ferguson-Baler Series

What do you need from a Baler?

Must every bale be of consistent bale density and size, bale after bale? Then the choice should be a MF160 series baler.


Do you need a Simple 'straight-through' design for maximum output and reliability? In that case we recommend the MF1800 series baler.

MF160 Series balers

Click here to read the MF160 Technical Specification PDF in your browser

MF160 Series round balers are available in two types; fixed chamber and variable chamber giving you Flexible, versatile and reliable baling.

You will find that this Massey-Ferguson-Baler will deliver consistent bale density and size, bale after bale. Designed and built in Europe, MF 160 round balers have been designed to meetthe high expectations of the professional farmer and contractor. The wide choice of configurations gives you top performance, whatever the crop.

Designed to meet the challenges of modern agriculture with versatile and practical solutions, the MF 160 range of round balers gives you the capability to bale any crop.

There are three MF160 Series balers to choose from, with six model configurations, so you can be confident that Massey Ferguson will have a baler to suit your needs.

The low profile MF 160 pickup is designed to take the largest swaths and feed them gently into the baler.

We believe that every Massey-Ferguson-Baler needs to be flexible and adaptable to your needs giving you the best return on your capital.

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MF1800 Series baler

Click here to read the MF1800 Technical Specification PDF in your browser

The MF1800 Series balers is a range of three 'centre-line' small rectangular balers, with pickup widths of 1.5 or 2.0 m. Each with a Simple 'straight-through' design for maximum output and reliability.

The wide pickup is available on either a 'standard' duty model (the MF 1837) or a 'heavy duty' model (the MF 1839), which is ideal for high usage or contracting.

All three models of Massey-Ferguson-Baler produce bales that are just the right size for easy handling or feeding, and just the right density for efficient storage and transport.

Click here to find out more about the MF1800-baler (Coming soon)

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