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Manitou prides itself on offering the widest range of handling equipment available. The main industries that benefit from our machines are Construction, Timber, Mining, Civil Works, Agriculture, Brick manufacturers & General industry.



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Construction and Civil Works

Since the first rough-terrain forklift truck in 1958, the company has continued to pay attention to those in the building industry, to provide them with handling equipment perfectly adapted to their needs.

Accordingly, building firms, masons, carpenters and roofers find in the range of masted forklift trucks – MANITOU - and telescopic forklift trucks – MANISCOPIC - the largest range of rough-terrain equipment in the market. Rugged, reliable, compact and versatile, they allow work to be performed at great heights in complete safety.

MANITOU completes its product offering with a comprehensive range of aerial baskets for personnel – MANIACCESS, thus providing appropriate solutions for those in the building industry who want to reinforce their efficiency in the field.

In 2005, MANITOU obtained 49% of its turnover in the Building sector

A single Manitou Telescopic can lift up to heights of 30m, dig, load/unload, clean, scoop, tow (up to 30t), and carry items weighing as much as 16t.

  • 38 standard attachments for the construction and civil works industries
  • 60 seconds required to change between attachments
  • One Manitou can carry out the tasks of 4 other machines in a fraction of the time, requiring only one operator, and while using far less fuel
  • Four-wheel, two-wheel and crab steering modes mean Manitou machines can easily be maneuvered into the smallest of spaces
  • With the Piggyback Telescopic forklift, loading and offloading of large trucks can take place much faster from one side of the vehicle, without having to move it around
  • Large tires ensure minimal ground damage outside and will function slip-free and quietly indoors

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Since 1986, MANITOU has designed, manufactured and sold a range of telescopic forklift trucks which specifically meets the needs of farmers, whether they be cereal growers or stockbreeders.

Increasingly efficient, rugged, easy-to-handle, reliable and comfortable, this equipment is both versatile and offers easy maintenance.

The MANISCOPIC range (MLT models) has thus become a verifyable benchmark for the agricultural market in the area of telescopic forklift trucks.

In, 2005, MANITOU obtained 25% of its turnover in the Agricultural sector

South African farmers are increasingly seeing the benefits of mechanization and following the example of their European and American counterparts by investing in multi-purpose equipment that can perform a host of farming activities despite rough terrain and climatic conditions.

Manitou, established distributor of high-end telehandlers and rough terrain equipment, sets the standards in terms of

  • quality,
  • versatility,
  • economical operation,
  • ease of use and
  • cab comfort.

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Rest of Industry

In the early 1970s, MANITOU developed a presence in industrial applications by marketing its own range of semi-industrial forklift trucks under the MANITOU brand and by distributing in France industrial forklift trucks under the TOYOTA brand. Later, this product range was broadened significantly by the manufacture and distribution of other equipment, notably

  • MANITRANSIT truck-mounted forklifts,
  • MANILOADER compact wheeled loaders,
  • MANILEC warehousing equipment, and
  • MANIACCESS access platforms.

These product ranges address the needs of the very large number of customers present in industrial sectors as diversified as mining, the timber industry, warehousing, and other Industries.

In 2005, the MANITOU Group accentuated its policy of complementarity of its product ranges by enlarging its offering to include low-capacity industrial forklift trucks. In July 2005, it acquired a young Chinese company located in Hangzhou, specialised in the manufacture and distribution of engine-powered masted industrial forklift trucks of lifting capacity 1.5 to 3 tonnes.

Through its new subsidiary, the Group will thus be able to supplement its MANITOU INDUSTRY range and distribute its forklift trucks in all the countries in which the Group is not tied by distribution agreements with other partners.

In 2005, MANITOU obtained 26% of its turnover in the Industrial sector .



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From our locally designed Roof Bolter / Drill Rig, based on the renowned Maniscopic, to equipment specifically designed for exploratory drilling, materials handling on a mine, tire changing & cylinder handling and several underground functions, Manitou is bringing cost-effective mechanization into local and overseas mining operations.

Increased productivity is the main attraction in buying Manitou machines, with our strong focus on:

  • versatility,
  • low fuel consumption,
  • low maintenance cost,
  • longer equipment life and
  • ease of use.

Manitou machines set the standards in terms of quality, versatility, economical operation, ease of use and cab comfort, and have proven ideal in large mining operations worldwide .

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Manitou offers rough terrain forklifts, telescopic loaders, log handlers, Side loaders & backhoe loaders that can load a truck with timber faster than any of its competitors.

Manitou machines do not damage the ground surface like some of their competitors, making it easier for other vehicles to maneuver & operate.

The machines offer 3 steering modes and four-wheel drive for ultimate maneuverability and ease of use and operate much more quietly than most forklifts.

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The range of diesel, LPG and electric forklifts available with a range of attachments, addresses a broad range of warehousing needs with models including tow tractors, stackers, powered pallet trucks and reach trucks.

From transporting to stacking, the Manitou range of warehousing equipment ensures optimum operator and warehouse safety , maximum efficiency and accessibility .

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Manitou warehousing

General Industry

As a global leader in the field of materials handling machines that range from conventional forklifts to rough terrain diesel forklifts to electric stackers, Manitou machines are used in virtually every industry today. From hygienic requirements to explosion prevention regulations, the company offers custom solutions that cover the specific needs of virtually every field.

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