Introduction to MF-Combines: The 9000 Series Class VI, VII and VIII Combines

Are you looking for a New Level of Power, Performance and Productivity from your MF-Combines? Then check out this next video to see the MF-Combine 9895 in action.

Your Choice of Massey Ferguson® Combines Just Got BIGGER…and Better








300 (224)

321 (239)

300 (10,570)

2.5 (88)


350 (261)

375 (280)

300 (10,570)

2.5 (88)


425 (317)

459 (342)

350 (12,334)

4.5 (159)

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Let us introduce the 9895 Class VIII Combine to you

In more ways than one, the addition of the new Model 9895 Class VIII combine has expanded your choices of Massey Ferguson axial combine technology and size. Now, regardless of the size of your operation there is a Massey Ferguson combine to fit your harvesting needs.

If you are looking for advanced technology threshing, high capacity separation and cleaning, unmatched operator comfort, and convenience, and the horsepower to do the job effortlessly, then look to the new Model 9895 Class VIII combine. Not just an up – powered version of a Class VII machine, but truly a Class VIII combine in every respect.


The largest rotor in the industry, 31.5 in. (800 mm) in diameter and 140 in. (3,556 mm) long is just waiting to be coupled to a 12-row corn head or one of the new 35 ft grain heads to make quick, easy, worry-free work of your harvest.

A 350 bushel (12,334 L) grain bin and a new innovative Direct High Volume unloading system feature an industry leading 4.5 bushel/s (159 L/s) unloading rate.

Powered by a Tier III compliant 12.5 liter engine that delivers 425 hp (317 kW) to the hydrostatically driven rotor and hydrostatic traction drive system puts you firmly in command of your harvesting operation.

The Model 9895 features new styling and Massey Ferguson colors that say I’m strong, productive and ready for work!

The Model 9895 combine …. the real Class VIII!

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Massey Ferguson 9895 Combine

Massey Ferguson 9895 Combine Components

1. Operator s Cab : a new level of operator comfort and convenience with excellent header visibility, adjustable Grammer air-ride seat with seat mounted console adjustable to fit you. Multi function “Heads Up” monitor system keeps you informed of combine systems performance at a glance.

2. AGCO Global Technologies Console II : Fieldstar II yield monitor with color touch screen integrates yield monitoring and combine crop harvesting settings into one easy to use touch screen.

3. Grain Tank : Large 350 bushel (12,334 L) capacity with new “Direct High Volume” unloader system lets you spend more of your day harvesting the crop than handling the crop!

4. Engine: 425 hp (317 kW), 12.5 liter engine is tier III compliant and provides plenty of power for tough harvesting conditions. Power bulge up to 459 hp (342 kW).

5. Multi-Speed Rotary Gearbox: Select from three speed ranges which combined with variable speed hydrostatic rotor drive provides rotor speeds from 200 to 440 rpm, 200 to 789 rpm and 200 to 1,040 rpm.

6. Residue Control : Choose from four methods of residue control; Direct Discharge, Straw Spreader, Hi-Velocity Chopper or Chaff Spreader.

7. Separator Pan: A large 61.8 in. (1.57 m) wide by 71.0 in. (1.80 m), long, high capacity, and oscillating separator pan is located directly under the concave and separator grates where it delivers the separated grain to the front of the cleaning shoe. Dividers ensure the full width of the pan is utilized for maximum capacity.

8. Concaves: A three section concave with 161 degrees of wrap provides 2,721 in.2 (1.75 m2) of concave area for high capacity performance. New concave design assures threshed crop is spread over entire width of separator pan for high capacity harvesting.

9. Cleaning Fan: High volume, 13 in. (330 mm) diameter turbine cleaning fan provides even air flow throughout the entire grain cleaning system to increase cleaning effectiveness and ensure a clean grain sample. Fan speed is electronically adjusted from the operator’s seat.

10. Front Feeder: Unique helical vane design of the front feeder assures a smooth quiet flow of crop into the rotor intake. The feeder runs the full width of the combine body and is located just below the rotor intake vanes to ensure that incoming crop is evenly fed to the full diameter of the rotor intake for maximum capacity.

11. Fuel Tank : Easy to fill from the operator’s platform, its 230 gal (870 L) capacity keeps you harvesting longer without interruption.

12. Feed Reverser (not shown): Unplugging a plugged header and feeder house is as simple as electronically engaging the hydraulically driven feed reverser and allowing the material to flow back into the header.

13. Stone Trap: Located below the front feeder, stones and other foreign objects are deflected into the stone trap by the front feeder. The stone trap can be easily dumped by a lever on the right side of the combine.

14. Wide Feeder House: A high capacity 55.4 in. (1,408 mm) wide feed house ensures full rotor capacity is utilized. Four rows of number 557 chain with chrome pins provide a wide margin of strength and chain life. Chain slats are bolted to drive chain for quick replacement if necessary.

15. Unloader System: Innovative Direct High Volume system unloads at a rate of 4.5 bushel/s (159 L/s)*. Spend more time harvesting crop and less time handling it!

16.Variable Speed Header Drive (not shown): Operator can instantly match header drive and feed chain speed to changes in crop yield and combine ground speed for increased harvest efficiency (Standard equipment on corn/soybean models, optional on small grain/rice models).

17. Rear Wheel Assist: New, two-speed rear wheel assist option (Model 9895) allows you to tailor the operation mode to your traction conditions. Low-speed mode provides high torque for tough muddy conditions. High-speed mode provides greater travel speed for less demanding conditions.

*Per ISO Standard 5687

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Meet the Massey Ferguson 9690 Combine


Massey Ferguson 9690 Combine

Consider the outstanding performance of the Model 9690 Class VI combine. With a long list of field proven features, it may be the Massey Ferguson combine that’s just right for you. A 300 bushel (10,570 L) grain bin, a large comfortable operators cab with excellent all around visibility, and its low maintenance design are just a few good reasons to own a Model 9690.

Hydrostatic rotor drive with a heavy duty two-speed gear box lets you select the right combination of rotor speed and torque to efficiently harvest a wide variety of crops.

“Constant Speed Rotor Control”, on-the-go electronic concave clearance adjustment and a “Heads Up” monitor system put you firmly in control of your harvest. A 300 hp (224 kW) SisuDiesel™ Citius engine, turbocharged and after cooled, delivers the power and performance you come to expect from Massey Ferguson combines.

With a full range of headers and attachments you can “custom fit” the Model 9690 combine to your operation

The Model 9690 Combine … so much to like!


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Why Not Consider The Massey Ferguson 9790 Combine


Massey Ferguson 9790 Combine

The Model 9790 Class VII combine, with its field proven 27.5 in. (700 mm) diameter by 140 in. (3,556 mm) long “Advanced Technology Rotor” (ATR), provides a level of harvest efficiency that’s beyond comparison. Hydrostatic rotor drive, with “Constant Speed Rotor Control” automatically maintains selected rotor speed in varying crop yield or traction conditions. Concave clearance adjustment is as simple as touching a rocker switch on the console.

You can rely on the power of the SisuDiesel Citius 84 CTA diesel engine, waste gate turbocharged and charge air cooled to deliver 350 hp (261 kW) at 2,100 rpm.


If harvest conditions become demanding, requiring more engine power and torque, you can count on the engine power bulge to 375 hp (280 kW) to pull you through.

A large, roomy operators cab with a “Heads Up” monitor keeps you alert to all major functions of the Model 9790 Combine. A 300 bushel (10,570 L) grain bin keeps you harvesting in high yielding crops, and the optional rear wheel assist keeps you moving when traction conditions are not at their best.

The Model 9790 combine… experience it!

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For more than a century, the most important thing Massey Ferguson has built is TRUST.

Behind every Massey Ferguson® emblem is an unbeatable combination of industry-leading technology, proven reliability and equipment solutions that make you more productive and more profitable. It also represents one of the most complete lines of agricultural equipment in the industry.

Massey Ferguson has been designing, engineering, and building equipment you can rely on and trust– generation after generation. Our commitment to your satisfaction remains our top priority with quality parts, and being a Massey Ferguson dealer who is beside you every step of the way.

It all adds up to a legacy of leadership that has kept more Massey Ferguson tractors on the job worldwide than any other brand.

No matter what job you’re taking on–around the farm, on the job site or right in your own back yard, there’s a Massey Ferguson machine and we at MBB are dedicated to help you do it better and faster, all day…every day.


Want to know more? Then ….

Contact MBB farming Accessories for more information about any of the Massey Ferguson 9000 Series Combine parts and services.

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