Advance-Combines the MF3640 and MF5650 series

The MF 3640 and MF 5650 Advance-Combines deliver Simple, efficient harvesting to Maximize productivity, and to Increase profits

MF3640_5650 Advance-Combines

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The MF 3640 and MF 5650 Advanced-Combines are a result of Massey Ferguson’s continuing commitment to technological innovation in agriculture. They have been designed to make harvesting more efficient in speed and yield, maximizing production and profits.



The Advance-Combines are very versatile and can be specified with equipment that will easily handle a wide range of conditions and crops including

  • maize,
  • cereals,
  • rice,
  • soybean,
  • edible beans and
  • grass seed.

These machines are strong, easy to operate and maintain and offer excellent value for money.

The Advanced-Combines are built to Massey Ferguson’s exceptional standards of quality and from the experience it has gained as a leader in the manufacture of agricultural machinery for more than 40 years


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The latest technology




Though simple in design and construction, they bring the latest in farming technology with features such as :

  • disc brakes,
  • a high- inertia threshing cylinder with two-speed ranges,
  • automated header functions controlled by an electronic module,
  • a fan with turbine-type blades,
  • hydrostatic reel drive, and
  • a constant mesh gearbox.

The excellent power to weight ratio allows these machines to harvest where others in their class cannot..



Their low weight makes them ideal for soft soils and slopes, reducing soil compaction to a minimum and, with easy access to all serviceable parts, maintenance times are greatly reduced.


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High inertia threshing cylinder and concave




The heavy cast iron threshing cylinder is more than twice the weight of a competitor’s conventional cylinder using spiders of pressed steel. This gives important customer benefits.

The high inertia developed smoothes out peak loads and maintains a constant cylinder speed for:

  • more efficient threshing,
  • less grain damage,
  • improved capacity and
  • better fuel economy.


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Two types of concave are available:

  • the narrow spaced concave is ideal for threshing grain crops and, with the wires pulled out, excellent for beans and peas.
  • the wide spaced concave has larger diameter wires and is used for maize or wheat.

In rice , the peg tooth cylinder and concave is fitted as part of the rice kit, which can also include hardened auger flights for longevity.


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What advantages does it have for the farmer?


The MF 3640 and MF 5650 Advanced combines represent an excellent investment because of :

  • their high work capacity,
  • low operational costs and
  • increased productivity compared to other machines in their class.


Large capacity grain tanks




MF3640_5650 Advance-Combines

Grain Tanks


The grain tanks, each with covers for protection from rain and humidity, have very large capacities of 5000 liters on the MF 5650 and 4500 liters on the MF 3640.

This means:

  • fewer unloading stops,
  • cutting operational costs and
  • increasing overall productivity.


Fast unloading times


For the Edible bean harvest equipment


The MF 5650 unloads its tank in 116 seconds and the MF 3640 in 104 seconds using a fully adjustable unloading tube enabling the unloader to operate in any position, to suit all transport vehicles .


The MF 3640 and MF 5650 Advanced combines can be fitted with specialist equipment designed for direct cut harvesting of bean crops. This produces a very high-quality bean sample fetching much better market prices - another demonstration of the increased returns you can expect from your value-for-money investment


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Contact MBB farming Accessories for more information about any of the MF 3640 and MF 5650 Advance-Combines parts and services.


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